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I already have custom ornamental wrought iron work at my house. Can you match the existing fencing/railing?

Yes, absolutely. The only issue that could arise is if they no longer manufacture a certain cast iron design. If that situation does occur, our sales team will be able to find a very similar product.

Do you offer aluminum fencing, chain link fencing, wood fencing or vinyl fencing?

We do not sell aluminum fencing, chain link fencing, wood fencing or vinyl fencing.

Do your spiral staircases come in pieces, or in a self-assemble kit?

No, L&M’s spiral staircases do not come in multiple pieces. L&M’s spiral staircases are fully welded together in one piece.

What options are available for the cap of the spiral staircase treads?

L&M does not manufacture any type of spiral staircase tread caps. Capping the spiral staircase treads is up to the customer after install. L&M builds their spiral staircase step treads accessible to any type of tread you would like to install. Stone or Trex decking, it will be up to your discretion what kind of cap you use.

What is your warranty?

We have a one year warranty on our products which includes railing, fencing, doors, spiral staircases etc. We have a 30 day warranty on our service calls.

What kind of paint process do you use?

The first step in our process is to acid wash all of our parts to ensure all parts are clean and prepped to ensure good adhesion. We use a kem kromik industrial grade primer. We use a metalastic black top coat. This top coat is marine grade paint with rust inhibitors built into the paint. Both are sprayed for a smooth, beautiful finish.

Do you repaint jobs?

Yes, L&M will repaint a job. Just contact the office to get your free estimate!

How much are your estimates?

All of our estimates are free!

What is your service area?

The majority of our jobs are done in Knox county and surrounding areas, but L&M is not limited to those areas. L&M has done work in Kentucky, Crossville, Tri-cities, Chattanooga and even West Virginia.

Are all of your products installed or can I do a pick up?

L&M does have a minimum charge if we are going to install, but if you are over the minimum our prices include free installation. If you would prefer to install it yourself, you can absolutely do a customer pick up!